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East Anglian OES Club

Founded 1979.

Photo Gallery

Open Show - 21st June 2010 Open Show - 21st June 2010 Minor Puppy Dog 87715231 Minor Puppy Dog 87715232 Puppy Dog 87715233 Puppy Dog 87715334 Junior Dog 87715335 Special Yearling Dog 87715336 Novice Dog 87715337 Post Graduate Dog 87715338 Post Graduate Dog 87715339 Limit Dog 87715340 Limit Dog 87715341 Open Dog 87715342 Dog Challenge 87715343 Dog Challenge 87715344 Best Dog and Reserve Best Dog 87715345 Best Dog and Reserve Best Dog 87715346 Minor Puppy Bitch 87715347 Puppy Bitch 87715348 Junior Bitch 87715349 Junior Bitch 87715350 Special Yearling Bitch 87715351 Novice Bitch 87715352 Post Graduate Bitch 87715353 Limit Bitch 87715354 Limit Bitch 87715355 Bitch Challenge 87716568 Bitch Challenge 87716569 Best Dog and Best Bitch 87716570 Best in Show and Reserve Best in Show 87716571 Judge - Sarah Winson (Meisan) 87716572 Best Puppy Bitch and Best Puppy in Show 87716573 Best Puppy Bitch and Best Puppy in Show 87716574