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East Anglian OES Club

Founded 1979.

The East Anglian Oes Club Open Show 14th January 2018

I would like to thank the officers and committee of the East Anglian Oes Club for inviting me to judge at this very well organised show in this fine new hall. Their hard work was clearly recognised by the K.C. representative in attendance, awarding the club a very well deserved ‘Excellent’

I would also like to thank all the exhibitors that turned up, even though I was a substitute for Dave Topliss. I’d like to send Dave my best wishes for a speedy recovery, and wish him well at this time.

Vet. Dog 3 (abs 1) 1st Leggetts Millwinkie Magic Moon at Meldale. 8yrs old and looking good. Nice square head with 2 dark eyes and good bite. Square in profile, with enough rise over the loin. Moved well for his age. Best Veteran

2nd Henriksens Meadowbears Blue Steel. 9 yrs old. 2 Blue eyes, nice sized head with defined stop and short muzzle. Nice outline. Not quite the muscle of 1, which showed in his movement.

Min. Puppy Dog 1 (Abs0) 1st Cheshires Molyneux Start Me Up. 7 months and a good size for his age. Lovely square profile, well off for bone and muscle. Nice head with 2 dark eyes and perfect bite. Arched neck leading into nice shoulder placements. Plenty of rise over strong loins. Moved well. Pleased to award him RBD & BPIS

Junior Dog 0

Special Yr Dog 0

Novice Dog 0

Post Grad Dog 0

Limit Dog 0

Open Dog 2 (abs 1) 1st Oakes Ch Gojolega Stargazer at Ambleoak. A worthy Champion of the breed. Beautiful square head with good stop. Neat ears. Arched neck into nicely laid back shoulders. Decent spring of rib. Nice rising topline. Neat hocks. Moved well. Just carried a little too much weight for me in the challenge for BIS. BD

Vet Bitch 0

Min Puppy Bitch 2 (abs1) 1st Hazyland Cheeky Girl 7months and very feminine. Pleasing expression. Nice and square in outline. Good head properties. 2 dark eyes. neat ear carriage. Nicely arched neck into well angulated shoulders. Nice rise to loin. Moved well. Just a little small for my personal taste.

Puppy Bitch 2 (abs0) 1st Robertsons Hickorystix Keep The Faith 9 months and showing signs of early maturity for one so young. Nice sized bitch with square head and 2 dark eyes. Nicely flowing arched neck into good shoulders. Correct bone and muscle. Coat starting to change and showing signs of quality even at this young age Moved well. BPB

2nd Rutland & Porters Mellowdee Make Me Blush 9 months and smaller than 1 all over. Nice head with 2 dark eyes and good bite. Enough neck into pleasing shoulder angles. Moved with drive. Coat not as advanced as 1. Would like to see her grow on a little.

Jun Bitch 3 (abs1) 1st Crane-Duplocks Shaggy Blue Bobs Way To Go With Mirene. 14 months old and developing very nicely. Lovely head with 2 dark eyes. excellent bite and good stop. Arched neck into beautifully laid back shoulders. Pleasing profile with decent rise and bend of stifle. Neat low set hocks and plenty of muscle, which, to me, showed in her movement. Coat changing slowly but showing signs of quality coming through. One that should have a bright future. Pleased to award her BB & BIS

2nd Windsors Holanja’s Forget Me Not 17 months old. Lovely head with sweet expression. Love her head markings. 2 Dark eyes. enough neck. Not quite the angulation of 1. Harshest of coats for her age. Moved ok today.

Spec Yearling Bitch 2 (abs1) 1st Winsons Jandoes Crystal Sparkle At Meisan 13 months old. Bigger type than I usually like but she is beautiful to handle. Large square scull with 2 dark eyes. Nicely arched neck into well angulated shoulders. Lovely spring of rib and nice rise over loins. Massive bone and well muscled. Moved well. Pushed hard for BB, just lost out on size for me. RBB

Nov Bitch 1 (abs1)

Post Grad Bitch 0

Limit Bitch 2 (abs1) 1st Oakes Boveron Charisma At Ambleoak Pleasing outline. Nice head with 2 dark eyes and decent stop. Neat ears. Good bite. Good shoulder angles and nice rise over loins. Coat coming through nicely with texture and break. Moved ok

Open Bitch 4 (abs3) 1st Bartons Amblesea Trailing Rose At Amblehay Good head properties with 2 dark eyes and good bite. Good body and spring of rib. Good bone. Lacked muscle tone today, which showed in her movement.

Trevor Spurling