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East Anglian OES Club

Founded 1979.


12 January 2020

I enjoyed my day at the Club Show, thank you to the Committee for inviting me & to the exhibitors for their entries & the sporting way they accepted my decisions. As usual I found the bitches to be superior to the dogs, several exhibits were carrying too much weight & lacking in muscle probably due to the very wet winter. Movement in general was not at its best & I am not sure if the exhibits were just lacking exercise through inclement weather or upset by standing on a polished floor.

MPD 2 Two very raw puppies, both very loose in movement with the 1stmoving better than the second. 1. Pullen Meadowbears Master of Music, dark eyes with full pigment, good bone & a deep brisket, promising 2. Millard & Wales Mudetails Moonlight Hawk, moving very close behind

PD 3 1. Porter Beauvallon Pavarotti with Mellowdee, capacious skull, good stop, nice foreface, good bite, dark eyes, good depth of brisket for age, shorter coupled than the second, coat changing well, Best Puppy Dog. 2. Hodgson Ragglebarn Old Blue Eyes, giving away on age to the first, nice neck but not as good shoulder placement, hopefully he will gain more pigment around his blue eyes 3. Pullen Meadowbears Master of Music

JD 1 1. Adrian-Coleman Bovavron Going for Gold at Barcole, 15 months, stood alone, lovely skull, stop & foreface, good bite, good bone, rising topline, good brisket, coat changing well, not moving well particularly on the front

SY 3 (1) 1. Woods Pointon Vigilat’s Rhapsody in Blue via Bumblebob, pleasing skull, stop & foreface, dark eyes in patches, good neck, correct topline, deep brisket, short coupled, coat changing nicely with good texture, moving well but will hopefully tighten with maturity 2. Storey Maghullpaws Kings Ransome, a blue eyed boy who needs more pigment, carrying far too much weight, longer in body than the first, coat changed well with wonderful crisp texture

PG 4 (1) My notes say all carrying too much weight 1. Corrigan Krisendaw Celtic Charm, good skull, stop & foreface, good bone, coat changing well, needs to strengthen on hind movement 2. Palmer Red Devil Aus Dem Elbe-Urstromtal for Hazyland JW, another lovely head, good bone, coat changing well but longer cast than the first 3. Mills Makaylen National Treasure at Mophill, another quality exhibit, moved okay, not the finish of the other two on the day

LD 2 My notes say two quality boys but both carrying too much weight which affects their shoulders & therefore front movement 1. Windsor Holanja Go Wild JW, good skull, with dark eyes, correct bite, coat changing but still needs time, moving better than no 2 2. Barton Amblehart Dragon Heart, good head with correct properties, short coupled but his rear movement let him down

OD 2 Both nice boys 1. Reeves Shaggy Blue Bob’s Xerxes at Brinkley, good skull, stop & foreface, correct bite, rising topline, best shoulder placement in the entry so far, moved steadily and true CC & BIS 2. Rathband & Fealy Ch Keynell Midnight Moon, a mature male with a crisp textured coat, pleasing shoulder placement but front movement not as definite as the first, a worthy Res CC winner. I was far more impressed on handling him than seeing him from the ringside.

VD 1 (1)

SBD 4 (1) 1. Jones Hickorystix Mr Bojangles at Cooljays, Good skull & foreface, dark eyes, good bone, maturing nicely, coat still clearing but lovely texture, moved okay. 2. Adrian-Coleman Bovaron Going for Gold at Barcole 3. Storey Maghullpaws Kings Ransome.

MPB 3 (1) 1. Brown Mudetails Moonlight Charm, 7 months, a real sweetie, dark eyed, badly needed more ring training & help from her handler, but made well & moved well. 2. Reed Mudetails Moonlight Shadow in Charmlea, litter sister to 1, coat more forward than her sister but not the strength in hind movement.

PB 3 (1) 1. Harris Beauvallon Lillianna, 11 months, well balanced head, good skull with short foreface, nice eyes, good neck, deep brisket for her age, correct rise, coat clearing well with good colour and texture, very promising, beat her brother for Best Puppy. 2. Cartwright Fy Ng Halon or Coed at Applejem, 11 months, longer in body than one, overweight but moved okay.

JB 3 (1) 1. Deakin Lindisfarm Flower of Hope at Darwillow, 16 months, good skull, nice bite, wall eyed giving a lovely expression, good neck leading in to well placed shoulder, deep brisket, coat still clearing but texture good, well muscled, moved okay. 2. Hudson Mellowdee Tickled Pink at Halfnhalf, 17 months, nice girl with lots to like, coat clearing nicely, moved okay but weight needs watching.

SYB 1 1. Leighton Asternovi Zali’s Dream Girl, good skull & foreface, carrying too much weight, moved well, coat changing well & has good texture.

PGB 6 1. Wheeler Makaylen Miss Money Penny, nice girl with a good head & foreface, pleasing shoulder placement, deep brisket, coat clearing with a good texture, moved okay 2. Adcock Krisendaw My Desire, carrying too much weight, moved okay, pleasing head properties and good brisket, coat of good colour & texture for age. 3. Leggett Meldale Diamond Moon, girl of lighter bone & substance but nonetheless pleasing.

LB 6 1. Winson Allhart Angelic Rolypoly of Meisan, lovely 3 year old wall eyed girl with everything in correct proportion, good skull, stop & foreface, nice neck in to good layback of shoulder, deep brisket, coarse textured mature jacket with a clear dark colour, moved well. Res CC. 2. Rutland & Porter Mellowdee Make Me Blush, pleasing head, nice neck leading in to clean shoulders, coat of clear colour with good texture, moving close behind. 3. Labous O’La Parisienne with Arthrug of Reality Dream, nice girl but not the heads of those before her, but much to like, coat colour still clearing but texture pleasing.

OB 5 (2) My notes say 3 lovely girls 1. Crane-Duplock & Duplock Ch/Hun Ch Shaggy Blue Bob’s Way to Go with Mirene JW, Good head, foreface & bite, shoulders well placed, deep ribcage, correct topline, coat of good clear colour with coarse texture, moved well, CC. 2. Churcher Kalaju Klassical Romance at Portville, good head, dark eye colour, good bite, lovely neck going in to clean shoulders, deep brisket, profuse coat of clear colour with good texture, moved well. 3. Robertson Ch Hickorystix Keep the Faith, another nice girl, slightly longer coupled and not as mature in finish as those ahead of her.

VB 1 Wilkinson Ch Kalaju Klassic Dream, a lovely veteran enjoying her day (but not the polished floor). Everything in good shape for her age & moving fine on the mats.

SBB 2 1. Hudson Mellowdee Tickled Pink at Halfnhalf. 2. Leighton Asternovi Zali’s Dream Girl.