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East Anglian OES Club

Founded 1979.

East Anglian Old English Sheepdog Club Open Show - 08/07/2017

My thanks to the officers and committee for the kind invitation to judge at the East Anglian Old English Sheepdog Club Open Show. Many thanks to my 2 stewards who did such a sterling job, and kept everything running smoothly, and to everyone who entered and was there on the day, it was a lovely entry in today’s declining numbers at Open shows.

I was very pleased with my winners. Best Dog and BIS Megabob William Wallace, and Best Bitch and RBIS Brinkley Sheza Lady. Best Puppy Kalaju Klassical Romance at Portville and Best Veteran Millwinkie Magic Moon at Meldale. All dogs were presented in a lovely clean condition and a credit to their owners, just keep an eye on the teeth cleaning.

Veteran Dog (3,1 abs)

1. Leggetts Millwinkie Magic Moon at Meldale. Nice head, two brown eyes with good pigment, Good angulation, bone and muscle for his age. Lovely crisp mature jacket. Moved well.

Mellowdee The Magician in Dominoesdale ScCh. Nice head, two brown eye with pigment, lovely crisp jacket, a little slower on the move but enjoying his day.

Minor Puppy Dog (1)

1. Kirbys Macopa Moment In Time. Just 6 months old and his first show. Good Head and jaw, dark eyes with pigment coming. Good angles to front and rear, a little leggy at this stage. Coat changing nicely. Moved well for his age.

Junior Dog (1)

1. Rathbands Keynell Midnight Moon. A dog I have watched from the ringside with interest. Lovely head, good stop and jawline. Brown eyes with excellent pigment. Good length of neck, nice shoulders and front, well muscled with good bone and deep chest, strong hocks. He has a lovely square cobby outline with gentle rise. Crisp jacket with good break presented to perfection. Expertly handled. Moved better in the challenge.

Special Yearling Dog (1)

1. Fergusons Mellodee Moriarty with Lexalby – Good head with dark eyes, giving lovely expression. Good neck and shoulders, lovely square outline with gentle rise, good rear with good bone and muscle, low set hocks. Moved well around the ring with drive front and rear.

Novice Dog (1)

1. Rathbands Keynell Midnight Moon (see Junior Notes)

Post Graduate Dog (1 abs)

Limit Dog (3, 2 abs)

1. Corrigans Megabob William Wallace – Good head and muzzle, brown eyes with pigment and a lovely expression. Good length of neck, well angled shoulders, lovely depth of ribcage, and gentle rise to rear, with good muscle and bone, low set hocks. Short and square carrying a profuse mature crisp jacket. Good drive front and rear. Shown and beautifully presented. Pleased to award him BD and Best of Breed.

Open Dog (4, 2 abs)

Ch Gojolega Stargazer at Ambleoak - Good head with one wall eye, good reach of neck, good shoulders and depth to ribcage with gentle rise to rear, excellent bone and muscle, low hocks. An excellent profuse jacket groomed to perfection. Moved out well which one him

1. Steeles Int Ch Irresistible Boy of Reality Dream with Arthrug – another lovely dog, slightly smaller than first, nice head with brown eyes, good neck and shoulders, with lovely muscle to the rear, good angulation. A lovely crisp jacket maturing nicely. Moved well.

Minor Puppy Bitch (3)

  1. Crane Duplock & Duplocks Shaggy Blue Bob’s Way To Go with Mirene – 8 months old, and what a lovely little poppet. Two very dark eyes and good pigment. Good ribcage, with gentle rise to rear, nice front and rear, with lovely muscle and hocks for one so young. Lovely steady movement and well handled.
  2. Winsons Allhart Angelic Roly Poly of Meisan – 6 months old Two blue eyes with good pigment, a smaller bitch, coat changing and maturing well for age. Good movement.
  3. Barnes Macopa Mexican Surprise

Puppy Bitch (4)

  1. Churchers Kalaju Klassical Romance at Portville – 9 months old, with darkest of eyes and excellent pigment. Good skull, neck, shoulders and front. Well sprung ribcage, short square outline with good muscle and hocks. An excellent profuse jacket for age. Showed lovely drive front and rear. I will watch this young lady with interest and could have taken her home. Pleased to award her RBB and BPIS
  2. Espositos Dalewood Now Your Talking – A smaller bitch with lovely head and pigment, good neck and front, nice ribcage with gentle rise to rear. Lovely shape and jacket maturing nicely. Moved well.
  3. Girl Talk About Mellowdee
  4. Winsons Jandoes Crystal Sparkles at Meisan

Special Yearling Bitch (3)

  1. Oaks Bovaron Charisma at Ambleoak – Lovely dark eyes with excellent pigment giving a beautiful expression. Good front and shoulders, good ribcage and gentle rise to nice rear with good muscle and angulation. Lovely size and shape. A very light profuse jacket with break. She is maturing nicely and moved out well.
  2. Rutlands Mellowdee Lady Mae – Smaller bitch with lovely head and neck, good shoulders and front, well sprung ribcage, and good rear angulation, nice hocks. Darker mature jacket with good break, Good drive on the move.
  3. Hodgsons Obsession Aus Dem Elbe-Urstromtal At Ragglebarn

Post Graduate Bitch (2) Two very lovely bitches, presented to perfection, hard decision.

  1. Raynsford-Tomes Brinkley Sheza Lady – Lovely shaped bitch that caught my eye as soon as she entered the ring. Good size head and muzzle with good bite, dark eyes giving lovely expression, best of shoulders and withers with a lovely front, well sprung ribcage with gentle rise to rear, with good angulation, hocks and muscle. A profuse quality coat that just needs a little more length to finish the picture. Moved well with drive. Pleased to award her Best Bitch & RBIS.
  2. Lucas Dantrecar Sweet Kandi Kiss at Lusadon – Beautiful head with dark eyes and lovely expression. Lovely neck and front, good ribcage and gentle rise to well muscled rear, and good hocks. Lovely cobby outline with a profuse mature coat with good break. Moved out well. Just preferred drive of 1st on the day.

Limit Bitch (2, 1 abs)

1. Castle’s Molyneux Live The Dream – A lovely mature bitch with good head with lovely expression, 2 brown eyes with good pigment, good front, ribcage, and rear. Mature jacket. Moved ok, but lost out on movement today to post grad bitch.

Maureen Barton - Judge