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East Anglian OES Club

Founded 1979.

Show Results & Critiques for 2013

January 2013

East Anglian OES Club Championship Show

20.01.2013, Judge: Terri Reed (Charmlea)

The East Anglian Old English Sheepdog Club held their Championship show at the Burgess Civic Hall, St Ives where BIS was Blueshires I Am Canadian With Brinkley, an upstanding young male with sound construction and excellent movement. RBIS & BCC was Keynell New Moon a glamorous very well balanced bitch. My thanks go to the officers and committee of the Club for asking me to judge their show and giving me the opportunity to award CC's for the first time. I thoroughly enjoyed my day, thanks go to Ray for his excellent show management and to Maureen and Cheryl for stewarding and looking after me so well. I would also like to thank those exhibitors who battled through the weather conditions to get to the show, I really appreciated your effort. The entry of 65 was a decent one but unfortunately the snow meant that the absentee rate was fairly high, however the quality was good and there were some hard decisions to be made. Most dogs were presented immaculately but there were a few with dirty teeth. I am pleased to say that eye colour, pigmentation and rear angulation have continued to improve since I last judged but I was a little disappointed overall with dentition and shoulder placements.

Judge, Terri Reed


Dog CC & BIS - Tomes' Blueshires I Am Canadian With Brinkley

Res Dog CC - Mills' Kerjalee Moments Jus Lik Zat

Bitch CC & RBIS -Rathband & Fealy's Keynell New Moon

Res Bitch CC - Wilkinson's Kalaju Klassic Dream

Best Puppy in Show - Matthews' Gojolega What A Friend

Best Veteran In Show - Ch Meisan Moonlight Serenade JW ShCM



Blueshires I Am Canadian with Brinkley (imp Can )

Class 1 Minor Puppy Dog (2 Entries Abs 2)

Class 2 Puppy Dog (2 Entries Abs 0)

Two very lively boys, this was a difficult decision as both had similar qualities that I really liked and not surprised to find out later that they were brothers.

1st Matthews' Gojolega What A Friend. Smaller in type but still masculine. Lovely cobby boy with suoer scissor bite and large strong teeth. Head was good for his size and age and led into well angulated shoulders, a nice spring of rib for one sop young. Coat a little slower to change than his brother but has plenty of time. Both boys were very unsettled on the move but by the time the puppy challenge came around he settled and it was a pleasure to award him BPIS.

2nd Oakes' Gojolega Stargazer At Ambleoak. Nice boy who just needs a bit more time to mature into his bigger frame. Was very unsettled when standing and on the move but was obviously enjoying his day out even if his handler wasn't!! Good reach of neck leading into well laid back shoulders. Coat changing quickly with good break to it. Movement was difficult to assess so he does need to settle a little bit more to see him at his best.Class 1 Minor Puppy Dog (2 Entries Abs 2)

Class 3 Junior Dog (1 Entry Abs 0)

1st Palmer's Zottels Xceedingly Nice For Hazyland Ir Jnr Ch. Glamourous young man with excellent shoulder placement. Very short coupled, square outline topped with a coat that was excellent in colour, texture and profuseness. Little unsettled on the move, but a promising youngster should do well in the future.

Class 4 Special Yearling Dog (1 Entry Abs 0)

1st Tomes' Blueshires I Am Canadian With Brinkley. Stood alone in this class but such a worthy winner, one that I have noticed from the ringside so was glad to get my hands on him. Very mature in body for his age, really liked his shape and balance, displaying that lovely pear shaped from behind. Excelled in head which gave him the edge in the challenge. Two dark brown pigmented eyes and neat ears. Correct length of neck leading into excellent shoulder placement. Straight forelegs and tight elbows, well off for bone. Ribs were well sprung and displaying a gentle rise to his loin. Rear quarters were well covered with a well turned stifle and low set hocks. Coat starting to mature nicely. Covered the ring effortlessly with great reach both front and back. Super boy and pleased to award him the CC.

Class 5 Novice Dog (0 Entries)

Class 6 Post Graduate Dog (3 Entries (Abs 3) 

Class 7 Limit Dog (5 Entries (Abs 1)

1st Mills' Kerjalee Moments Jus Lik Zat. Another that I have always admired. Super scissor bite, lovely dark eyes giving him that typical bobtail expression. Good length of neck leading into well angulated shoulders, and lovely straight front. Great spring of rib and very short coupled body. Excelled in rear end angulation with lovely neat hocks. Coat still changing but showing promise. Super movement and excellent handling. Pleased to award him the RCC.

2nd Goddard and Tomes' Brinkley Rockafella. One I judged as a puppy who has started to mature nicely, short coupled presenting a lovely square outline. Lovely dark brown eyes good pigment and an excellent square broad skull. Straight front and well off for bone. Strong back end with neat hocks. Coat changing at the moment and needs some more furnishings to complete the picture but will challenge my winners once he matures. Moved steadily just preferred shoulder angles of my winner

3rd Leggett's Millwinkie Magic Moon At Meldale. Pleasing boy with excellent head proportions, coat starting to mature and come through. Moved well.

Res Woods and Taylor's Shingdeka Dairkest Peru At Bumblebob

Class 8 Open Dog (7 Entries Abs 2)

1st Backhouse, Kanales & Bushell's Ch Aryakas Ikaros At Noggybanks. This dog has done a lot of winning and I am not surprised. Have always liked him and he didn't disappoint me. Excellent dentition, dark well pigmented eyes and ample skull. Enough neck, shoulders and front good, very short coupled with gentle rise to the loin. Very strong backend with good bend of stifle and well let down hocks. Coat of excellent texture and break but lacked his usual sparkle. Movement was slightly erratic at times but did settle after a while. Thought he might be a contender for the CC but in the Challenge he was playing his handler up and didn't want to move.

2nd Cheshire's Molyneux Smooth Operator. Excellent head properties and correctly angulated shoulders, straight front and well off for bone. Good bend of stifle, all topped by a harsh dark jacket which has improved since I last judged him. Still needs furnishing to complete the picture.

3rd Georgion's Jeddep Male Model. Larger type than I usually like but good quality all round. Super bone, and lovely head properties and wonderful jacket but did not move at his best today.

Res Crane-Duplock's Mirene Austrian Affair

VHC Farndale's Meadowbears True Blue ShCM

Class 9 Veteran Dog (2 Entries Abs 1)

1st Henrikson's Half N Half Haribo.

Class 10 Minor Puppy Bitch (3 Entries Abs 2)

1st Espoito and Cahill's Keynell Keep Right On. 8 month petite bitch, super scissor bite with lovely pigmented eyes and good broad skull for one so young. Excellent neck leading into good shoulder placement and gentle rise to loin. Strong bend of stifle, coat starting to change. Steady movement for age. A little raw at the moment and just needs more time to body up.

2nd Georgiont's Millwinkie Moment In Time For Jeddep. Slightly bigger puppy than my winner but still feminine, square bitch with profuse, well textured coat. She was very unsettled on the move.

Class 11 Puppy Bitch (5 Entries Abs 4)

1st Spurling's Dantrecar Dainty Dancer. Very appealing young lady well off for bone and body. Lovely dark brown eyes enough pigment, good head proportions. Front angles ok. Good hindquarters with a wealth of crisp coat changing nicely. Another who moved well, excellent presentation and handling. 

Class 12 Junior Bitch (4 Entries Abs 2)

1st Terry's Shaggylands Rumour Has It. Loved this young girl, lovely shape and so well balanced. Moved with drive both front and rear. Excellent construction, super angles both front and rear. Good reach of neck, lovely rise to loin and good turn of stifle. Needs to gain more coat and furnishing, one for the future. Excellent mouth.  

2nd Mann's Bovaron Dream Forever. Another nice young bitch, slightly longer in body than my winner but with good overall proportions. Excellent scissor bite, broad muzzle and well defined stop. Good neck leading into well placed shoulders and straight front, spring of rib needs to develop further. Played her handler up and did not settle on the move so difficult to assess her movement.

Class 13 Special Yearling Bitch (4 Entries (Abs 1)

1st Winson's Meisan Roly Poly Angelique. Wall eyed bitch, with excellent neck, shoulders and front, needs to further develop her spring of rib. Slight longer coupled than others in the class, coat starting to change nicely. 

2nd Pullen's Meadowbears Vision In Blue. Good old fashioned type of bitch, stood four square. Brown eyes with superb pigment. Coat let her down toady, still changing and needs to clear and gain more furnishing, will take some time as its very harsh. Moved well but handler just needs to slow her down a touch.

3rd Leggett's Meldale Moon Dance Magic. Promising young lady whose coat is just starting to develop. Super backend angulation but preferred shoulder placement of my class winner.

Class 14 Novice Bitch (0 Entries) 

Class 15 Post Graduate Bitch (8 Entries Abs )

Lovely class with depth in quality and bodes well for the future. Coats at varying stages but expected at this age.

1st Rathband and Fealy's Keynell New Moon. Beautiful bitch, loved her size and shape. Excellent mouth, good strong teeth and lovely square skull. Excellent neck, great shoulder angles and short coupled. Strong rear end with great bend of stifle, neat little hock and one of the few with good muscle tone. Coat blooming at the moment, with lovely break, colour and enough profuseness. Moved confidently with lots of drive on front and rear. Moved extremely well in the challenge and pleased to award her the CC. 

2nd Davies' Kalaju Klassic Fairytale. Larger bitch than my winner but still feminine and a real pleasure to go over. Has excellent conformation, standing four square, nice straight front forelegs with excellent spring of rib and deep chest. Everything in the right places and just needs her coat to finish maturing and should trouble the best. One for the future and well handled.

3rd Khan's Macopa Blue Angel. Another nice bitch, front movement needs to tighten but lots to like. 

Res Cheshire's Molyneux She's The One

VHC Evan's Bracalgem Wish Upon A Star

Class 16 Limit Bitch (7 Entries Abs 5)

Although only two in this class it was still a very hard decision as both were lovely bitches and I was truly splitting hairs with these two.

1st Wilkinson's Kalaju Klassic Dream. Lovely cobby, well bodied young lady. Great head properties which won her this class. Two brown, well pigmented eyes, excellent skull. WEll arched neck, with correct shoulder angles and strong straight front with plenty of bone. Fantastic spring of rib with deep brisket and ultra short in body. Moved well front and rear covering the ground. RCC. 

2nd Jones' Beauvallon Artemis With Amityoak. Another beautiful young lady. Two deep brown eyes. Excellent front and shoulders and spring of rib, nice rise to loin. Strong and very sound rear end which she used well on the move. All topped with a dark and very profuse coat, just needs to finish changing. 

Class 17 Open Bitch (5 Entries Abs 4)

1st Mills' Ch Bottomshaker My Darling At Kerjalee. Lovely square headed, short coupled bitch. Loved her overall outline which was topped with a lovely harsh jacket. Strong rear end, with good bend of stifle and neat little hocks. Moved steadily and handled to perfection. 

Class 18 Veteran Bitch (3 Entries Abs 2)

1st Winson's Ch Meisan Moonlight Serenade JW ShCM. One that I have been lucky enough to have judged before and although nearly two years older than last time I judged her she's kept all her good qualities. She put some of the younger dogs to shame with her lovely effortless movement exhibiting the required extension front and rear. A well balanced bitch with excellent head properties, leading into well angulated shoulders, short coupled with correct rear angulation and strong hocks. Best Veteran. 

June 2013

A great show – but mixed feelings; The East Anglian OES Club Open Show was held at Milton, just north of Cambridge, on Father’s Day, 16th June 2013, and the sun shone on the lucky few who supported this event. But what more can a Club do to get exhibitors and members to bring their dogs and themselves to a Club show? The days of the Open Show must be surely, numbered. Only 18 dogs were entered and 3 of them were ‘Not for competition’. We had the lovely Collette Churcher to judge and she travelled up from Portsmouth; on the south coast and she enjoyed her day. The atmosphere around the ring was terrific with bacon rolls served from the start and with the sun shining, a garden party was soon happening. Lots of spectators gathered around the outside ring from the local community as they walked their dogs in the picturesque Park and stopped to see what was going on and many took advantage of the teas and coffee and refreshments on sale. The East Anglian team work well together and praise should be lavished on those that worked in the kitchen and missed out on the show that was happening in the sunshine. Nina Lenton, the President of the Club, Jeanette Howsam and Andrew Naismith kept the food and drinks coming with other committee members helping out at peak times. Ronnie Burns, the secretary, and Andrew Little, the treasurer, manned the tent selling catalogues and dealing with enquiries. Angie Owen looked after the cups and did a great job as a waitress selling bacon rolls from a tray around the show. Cheryl Naismith ran the ring and looked after the judge. Dave Lenton sold a pile of raffle tickets and was in fine shape after celebrating 50 years of marriage with Nina the night before. After judging the committee hosted a lunch for the judge and a tasty spread was laid out in the ‘wet weather’ hall; that luckily was not called upon despite the weather man’s predictions of rain. It was good to see exhibitors staying after the show, sitting around the ring, chatting and enjoying the company, making the most of a sunny day in lovely surroundings. This may be the last time we use this venue as we plan for the future, so difficult to predict in these austere times. But be aware, if we lose the Breed Club Open Shows we lose a training ground for aspiring judges and a place for novices and newcomers to show young stock in a welcoming environment. For a marked up catalogue, photos and the judge’s critique go to the Club website. Many thanks to all those who supported the show, and lovely to see the Catons and the Steeles and other old friends of the Club; Ray Owen, Show Manager; Patron.

To view the marked up catalogue please click here

East Anglian OES Club Open Show

16.06.2013, Judge: Collette Churcher

I would like to thank the committee of the East Anglian OES Club for the invitation judge their Open Show and for their warm welcome and kind hospitality. This is a well organised show, with a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. The sun was shining which enabled us to make use of the good sized ring and being outside made it a party like atmosphere. I would also like to thank the exhibitors for their entries and for allowing me the opportunity to judge their lovely dogs. I had a very enjoyable day, thankyou.

Collette Churcher, Judge


Best Dog & RBIS - Oakes's Gojolega Stargazer At Ambleoak

Res. Best Dog - Wilkinson's Kalaju King Of Kool

Best Bitch, BV & BIS - Winson's Ch Meisan Moonlight Serenade

Res. Best Bitch - Khan's Macopa Blue Angel

Best Puppy in Show - Joice's Brinkley Emma Rose



Class 1 Veteran Dog or Bitch (3 Entries)

1st Winsons' Ch Meisan Moonlight Serenade. 9.5 years old, in top condition. Age was not a factor when awarding this top quality bitch BB and BIS. She put in a top performance standing and moving. Strong head and muzzle of correct proportions. Wall eyed with good pigment, good reach of neck, good front & rear angles. Her mature coat is of excellent quality and texture. She excels in front and rear movement. It was her overall quality and her ease of movement that won her BIS today. Well done. BB BV BIS.

2nd Hudson's Bovaron Pennies From Heaven At Half N Half. nice compact bitch, balanced head with dark eyes. Correct length of leg, good front and rear angles. Moved well.

3rd Henrikson's Half N Half Haribo. good sized male with good bone. Strong head and dark eyes. Good length of neck and balanced front and rear angles. Good width to rear. Moved well.

Class 2 Puppy Dog 1 Entry

1st Mannn's Amblesea Thunderbolt. 10 month quality puppy, Stands four square with plenty of bone & substance. Balanced head with dark eyes and pigment. Correct scissor bite. Good length of neck and good front angles. Deep brisket and well sprung rib for age. Good width to rear and correct rear angles. Moved well in challenge.

Class 3 Junior Dog 1 Entry

1st Oakes Gojolega Stargazer At Ambleoak. really loved this boy, stands four square with plenty of bone & substance. Strong square head, with short muzzle and correct scissor bite. Wall eyed. Good reach of neck, correct balanced angles front and rear. Deep brisket well sprung rib. Correct topline and wide rear. Moved well. Has a good quality junior coat. A dog with a very promising future. BD RBIS

Class 4 Special Yearling Dog 21Entry

1st Oakes' Gojolega Stargazer At Ambleoak

Class 5 Post Graduate Dog 1 Entry

1st Wilkinson's Kalaju King Of Kool. another quality dog, plenty of bone and substance. Has a good strong head with brown eyes. Good mouth, reach of neck. Correct angles front and rear. Correct rise over loin. Good coat changing. Moved well. RBD

Class 6 Limit Dog 1 Entry (Abs 1)

Class 7 Open Dog 1Entry

1st Hudson's Half N Half Harvest Moon. Compact dog, short backed. Good head properties, balanced angles. Coat ok. Loved his excellent free flowing movement.

Class 8 Minor Puppy Bitch 1 Entry

1st Joice's Brinkley Emma Rose. 9Feminine 7 months ol top quality puppy. Good head, wall eyed with pigment. Excellent length of neck and front and rear angles. Deep brisket and good spring of rib for age. Correct topline. Wide rear, moved well in challenge for best puppy, should do very well. BPIS

Class 9 Puppy Bitch 1 Entry

1st Barton & Hollis' Amblesea Trailing rose At Amblehay. a10 month quality puppy, compact, good bone and substance, balanced head with lovely dark brown eyes. Correct scissor bite. Good reach of neck and good front & rear angles. Good depth of brisket. Moved OK

Class 10 Junior Bitch 2 Entries (Abs 2)

Class 11 Special Yearling Bitch 1 Entry

1st Winson's Meisan Roly Poly Angelique, another quality bitch from the kennel. Feminine bitch. Balanced head, with correct scissor bite. Wall eye. Excellent reach of neck and correct shoulder angles. Deep brisket and good spring of rib. Well muscled rear with good angles and low set hocks. Lovely yearling coat. Excellent front & rear movement, moved with ease.

Class 12 Post Graduate Bitch 1 Entry

1st Khan's Macopa Blue Angel. a lovely bitch, of good size and shape. Good strong balanced head, brown eye, with good mouth. Excellent reach of neck and correct angles front and rear. Deep brisket with well sprung rib, correct topline and strong back end. Good quality jacket. Moved well. RBB

Class 14 Open Bitch 1 entry

1st Mann's Bovaron Dream Forever, transferred from junior. Good head, dark eyes. Good mouth and muzzle. Excellent reach of neck, balanced front & rear angles. Good yearling coat. Moved well 

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